How Pets Impact IAQ in Cashiers, NC

A pet can be a welcome addition to your household. However, it can also compromise the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home. You can live comfortably and safely with a furry friend in your house in Cashiers, NC by understanding how a pet can impact your IAQ and what steps you can take to make it safer to breathe.


Even the most well-groomed of pets can shed dander. Dander from your furry friend can land on your carpeting, furniture, draperies and other places when your pet scratches, rolls on the floor or rubs up against something. The dander then gets in the air and can lead to respiratory and allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes.


Likewise, your pet’s fur can get on surfaces in your home, especially when your cat, dog or other pet sheds its winter coat. Along with getting on your furniture and clothing, this fur can fly around inside your home and compromise the air’s quality. If you suffer from allergies or have lowered immunity, you may find it challenging to breathe or avoid symptoms like rashes and itchy eyes because of the fur.


If your pet urinates inside your home, it can significantly compromise your house’s IAQ. Your home may reek of ammonia. Along with being unpleasant to smell, this stench can also burn your eyes and nose and make you cough.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

You can improve the safety and cleanliness of the air in your home, even with a pet living in it, when you invest in professional maintenance services. Cleaning your home’s air ducts and ventilation system can help eliminate pet dander and fur. Air purifiers and running your fans can also help fresher air circulate throughout your home.

For years, our team has helped homeowners protect their indoor air quality. Schedule an appointment for indoor air quality services with All Service Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Cashiers, NC.

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