Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Using Your Thermostat in Franklin, NC

1. Cranking Up or Down the Thermostat

Most homeowners assume that cranking up or down the thermostat will raise or lower the indoor temperatures quickly. However, doing this does not make the HVAC system heat or cool your house faster. Instead, the system will run for a longer time than usual to attain the temperatures you set on the device.

Your HVAC unit’s components will undergo more wear and tear when the system runs for an extended period. This increases the frequency of breakdowns, thus inflating the repair costs. A system that works for an extended period also consumes more energy.

2. Turning Off the Thermostat

You may assume that turning off the thermostat when you leave the house in the morning will save energy. On the contrary, this practice inflates your energy bill. This is because when you turn on the thermostat in the evening, the HVAC system will have an enormous cooling or heating load to deal with.

Consider raising the settings on your thermostat by 10 degrees when you leave in the morning during the warmer months. During the cold season, you can lower the settings by 10 degrees.

When you return in the evening, the HVAC system will not need to run for an extended period, as the cooling or heating load will be manageable. This helps to save on your energy bill, maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, and reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system.

3. Using the Wrong Settings

Your thermostat controls the HVAC system’s fan, helping to distribute the cooled or heated air evenly in your home. There are two settings that control the fan: ON and AUTO.

The ON setting keeps the fan running at all times. If your fan continues running when your system is not running a cooling cycle, the fan will distribute warm air. Consider switching to the AUTO setting, as this setting only circulates air when your system is running a temperature regulation cycle.

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