3 Signs You Need a New Heat Pump in Franklin, NC

Your heat pump may have served you well for a long time in your Franklin, NC home. However, no heat pump can last forever and failing to recognize this may affect your home’s comfort. Here are three important signs that could indicate you need a new you heat pump.

1. It Constantly Needs Repairs

When something goes wrong with your heat pump, it’s completely rational to immediately seek the services of a trained HVAC technician who can repair it. Under normal circumstances, this should be sufficient to restore proper functioning for a reasonably long period.

However, after enough time in service, your system may become so worn that you’ll barely be able to repair it before something breaks down again. If you’ve spent more than half the cost of a new heat pump system on repairs, it may be time to replace it.

2. Falling Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps come with air filters that assist in maintaining your indoor air quality (IAQ) at a reasonable level. You should replace these filters at least once every 60 to 90 days routinely, but doing so may not necessarily resolve your IAQ issues. If you still find that your home is humid and you’re constantly coughing, sneezing and feeling uncomfortable, your heat pump may simply no longer be adequate for your needs.

3. Age

Keep your system’s age in mind, even if nothing appears to be wrong with your heat pump. For air-source heat pumps, the average lifespan is 15 years, while geothermal heat pumps can last 20-25 years. As heat pumps age, they typically experience a decline in performance, which will serve as a signal to you.

If you’d like a professional to advise you on the next step for your heat pump system, we’re here to help. Our company has 20 years of expertise in providing our customers with quality service. Contact us at All Service Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for exceptional HVAC installation services in Franklin, NC.

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